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We collaborate with over 100 of the world’s top manufacturers of wallpaper, interior textiles, carpets, luxury furniture, and home decorations.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, aesthetic products by partnering with sustainable brands, eco-friendly materials, and environmentally responsible services. 

What we offer?

At Ambiente, we are dedicated to offering premium products and services that seamlessly blend innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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How it works?

Are you interested in catalog products or bespoke services?

Step 1

Connect with Our Design Specialist

Choose one of our experienced interior designers and experts. Enjoy personalized service from a designer who speaks your preferred language.

Step 2

Tell us what you are looking for

Every project starts with your unique ideas about taste, comfort, and lifestyle. Contact us or visit our Bratislava showroom, where our team of experienced designers will be happy to assist you. We’ll arrange an initial conversation to learn about your vision.

Whether updating your living space or personalizing a new home, share your inspiration —modern, minimalist, classic, or eclectic—and together, we’ll create a bespoke solution.

Step 3

Customized Offer

Based on the consultation, we will create a tailored offer. Our team pays attention to every detail to ensure the final result aligns perfectly with your vision.

Step 4

Samples, Measurements and Home Visit

Once we have aligned on the design concept, you can provide us with the measurements or we will be happy to visit your home to take precise measurements and ensure every detail is perfect.

We can also lend you catalogues and samples to explore further options, ensuring your interior design project is executed seamlessly and to your complete satisfaction.

Step 5

Project Finalization and Installation

In the final stage, we oversee the installation and ensure every detail meets our high standards. We communicate closely with all stakeholders involved in the project, including contractors and suppliers, to guarantee a smooth and efficient process.

Our goal is to deliver a perfectly realized design that aligns with your vision and
exceeds your expectations.

Our designers are here for you


Our portfolio

We have extensive experience in both residential and contract projects, including restaurants, hotels, and government buildings, as well as various other collaborations with partners.

Our commitment to maintaining discretion for our exclusive clients ensures that each project is executed with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Our path to sustainability

Jim Thompson dekoračná látka hodváb

Eco fabrics

Today, fabric manufacturers are increasingly focusing on producing recyclable fabrics from recyclable cotton or PET bottles, resulting in the creation of unique eco-friendly curtains and drapes.


When selecting high-quality materials, it is essential to consider their strength, resistance, durability, and timeless design. For example, high-quality solid wood or leather guarantees longevity. Additionally, low-maintenance crops like flax or hemp are becoming more sought after, reflecting a growing commitment to sustainability as a way of life.

Fleece wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are made from pulp, which allows for eco friendly disposal or incineration after removal. By choosing non-woven wallpapers, we contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly living space.


Timeless design and quality materials are fundamental to longevity. Inexpensive, low-quality products lose their appearance over time and require frequent replacement. Therefore, investing in high-quality products is worthwhile. Some of our clients have had their curtains in use for over 25 years — proving that our quality truly stands the test of time. 

Our multilingual team
is here for you

DI Zuzana Brunner

+421 905 432 228

Mgr. Katarína Babiaková


Operations Manager
+421 905 012 784

Mgr. Dáša Dickson

Wholesale Manager
+421 907 815 671

Zuzana Feketová

Economic department
+421 903 771 821

Mgr. art. Ondrej Nemeth

Senior Interior Designer
+421 917 275 068

Mgr. art. Lenka Abonyi

Interior Designer
+421 917 545 852

Radka Horváthová

Interior Designer
+421 917 545 016

Mgr. Paulína Salopek


Interior Designer
+421 918 181 977

Mgr. Zuzana Šteberlová

Wholesale Backoffice
+421 917 545 040

Ing. Eleonóra Uhrovičová

Marketing Specialist
+421 907 100 238

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